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    According to the needs of the wedding industry, taking advantage of the trend, and taking advantage of the trend, in order to promote the development of China's wedding industry, on January 27, 2016, Beijing Municipal Government approved the establishment of Beijing Bingji Marriage Education Science and Technology Research Institute as a marriage and customs travel Professional research institution. On June 6, 2016, the Institute established a Chinese marriage custom think tank platform to collect data from the wedding tourism industry and grasp the market orientation. At the same time, Beijing Bingji Wedding Education Science and Technology Research Institute is also a Chinese wedding custom culture research unit in the wedding industry.

    Beijing Bingji Marriage Education Science and Technology Research Institute (China Marriage Customs Think Tank) is committed to the research and analysis of marriage and cultural travel with the purpose of “industry think tanks, industry think tanks and academic highlands that promote the development of Chinese marriage customs culture and international exchanges”. Promote the development of marriage customs culture tourism. Focus on the research on the basic theories, policies, key points and hot issues of marriage and custom culture development, and participate in the research and demonstration of tourism development planning. Provide relevant technical support for the planning and planning of marriage customs culture tourism, and collect and analyze the data of marriage and customs travel, research on marriage and customs, and exchanges and cooperation between international marriage and cultural travel, and develop high-level talents in the field of marriage and customs. And international and domestic academic exchanges.



Concentrate on the wisdom of the marriage and custom culture tourism industry


Dao can be Dao, not Hengdao; Name can be named, not Hengdao.

Dao Kedao, extraordinary Dao. Name can be named, very name.

 Tracing back to the essence of Chinese historical transmission culture

Marriage custom culture tourism theme integrated solution provider

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    We focus on the transformation of the research results of marriage and custom culture, and export the research results to the fields of marriage and love towns, love towns, folk towns, marriage customs towns, and marriage and customs culture museums, through the professional research and rapid market concept of the team. Provide customers with marriage and cultural support.  The river Tuluo booked the dry Kun, the Yijing gossip to the truth, the philosophers of the philosophers, the Taoist natural quantity in the heart. Heaven, Humanity, National Road, Jundao, Shangdao, Marriage Road...:  

      There are ways to go, marriage roads include: marriage law, love, marriage customs, wedding ceremony, wedding activities, wedding dresses, wedding photography, wedding hotels, ...


Study the way of marriage; plan the custom of marriage.

Concentrate on Planning the Creative Tourism Industry of Marriage Custom Culture

   "He who does not seek the whole world is not enough for a moment; he who does not seek the whole situation is not enough for a region. "[Qing Dynasty]"Yi Yan II. Relocation of the Capital and Construction of Fan Yi"Chen Dan Ran wakes up and speaks;

        Explanation: It is insignificant not to consider the whole situation, even if one area is well managed. If we cannot formulate a long-term national policy, our temporary wisdom is negligible.

    Relying on scenic spots to develop marriage custom culture tourism, build a marriage road culture tourism complex model;

   The emergence of "tourism complex" is the result of the three major upgrades of "tourism consumption pattern upgrade (from single sightseeing tourism to comprehensive leisure vacation), scenic spot development pattern upgrade (from single development to comprehensive development), real estate development pattern upgrade (from traditional residential real estate to comprehensive leisure real estate)". Making use of Marriage Road culture to upgrade scenic spots again will surely lead to the rapid development of scenic spots.

    Marriage Road Cultural Tourism Complex focuses on regional comprehensive development, guided by marriage custom tourism, aiming at the industrialization development of marriage custom culture, through the gathering of marriage custom industry, it constructs the industry cluster of marriage custom culture tourism, so as to promote the comprehensive development of regional socio-economic development.

    Depending on the high-quality resources, environment and market conditions, it has become the most important path choice for the current marriage culture tourism complex, as well as an important way for its linkage scenic spots to construct large-scale tourism, carry out comprehensive development and overall construction. In this sense, it confirms that "Marriage Road Cultural Tourism Complex" is the main engine to promote the re-upgrading of China's tourism industry, and also determines its core features including the following three aspects:

    一、Why do scenic spots rely on the cultural scenic spots of Marriage Road as a platform for leisure and vacation? The space environment and theme artistic conception of leisure and vacation are very good, and these are the basic operating characteristics of Marriage Road culture in a mature scenic spot. But it also needs the popular cultural support, gathering popularity, gathering wealth and gas. Only the projects integrated into culture can have a long-term development. Specifically, there are three reasons why scenic spots rely on marriage culture:

    1、The scenic spot can provide an ecologically pleasant holiday environment for the marriage and cultural tourism complex. Some mature scenic spots in China are often areas with beautiful natural scenery and excellent ecological environment. The basic conditions necessary for these leisure and holiday resorts are the resource foundation for the formation of specific thematic moods of the marriage and cultural tourism complex.

    2、The scenic spot requires a unique marriage culture carrier provided by the marriage and cultural tourism complex. Each region has its own unique characteristics of wedding customs and culture, and the unique marriage customs culture gives the living soul of the scenic spot. The tourism complex needs a marriage culture, and it needs a characteristic marriage theme culture to run through it, shaping the poetry-like marriage theme. Artistic conception creates a holiday atmosphere with the theme of marriage, forming a specific holiday lifestyle.

    3、The scenic area provides a strong market appeal for the tourism complex. Mature scenic spots often have strong market appeal and unique theme images. On the other hand, these scenic spots often lack the cultural platform for leisure vacations, that is, “there is no need to play” and there are few interactive projects. The marriage and cultural tourism complex is built through the project of marriage and custom culture theme, which can construct a large platform for leisure and holiday culture, make up for the short board of the scenic leisure and holiday platform, absorb the passenger flow, and make the tourists slow down and stay.

    二、How to Depend on Marriage Custom Culture in Scenic Spots

    Beijing Bingji Marriage Education Science and Technology Research Institute relies on the research results of marriage law, marriage customs, weddings and weddings for many years, and has unique planning plans for the analysis of cultural traditions and market applications;

   Organization Structure

   After 30 years of research and development of marriage customs culture, Beijing Bingji Marriage Education Science and Technology Research Institute has developed into a professional and characteristic wedding travel planning service provider through research results output and program planning, in order to adapt to the progress of the times and Under the leadership of Liu Bingji, the Beijing Bingji Marriage Education Science and Technology Research Institute, under the leadership of President Liu Bingji, has assembled a planning team for outstanding talents in the national wedding industry, aiming to provide marriage and cultural tourism industry solutions.

   Beijing Bingqi Marriage Education Science and Technology Research Institute has always adhered to the creative design concept of “rooting marriage customs, natural law”, providing customers with “feasibility research, top-level planning, creativity and planning, construction planning and design, architectural landscape design, integrated marketing”. One-stop services such as investment and financing, investment promotion and operation management.



Build the model

    According to the research results and practical experience of the past 30 years, Beijing Bingji Marriage Education Science and Technology Research Institute has proposed a five-in-one creation model of “Marriage Customs + Culture + Tourism + Kang Yang + Real Estate”.


    We adhere to the core values of “creating value for our partners” and take “honesty, tolerance, innovation and service” as the enterprise spirit, and create value for the marriage and customs project and service industry through independent innovation and sincere cooperation.

    About "Creating Value for Partners"

    We believe that only by working hard to create value for our partners can we realize our value and achieve development and success.。
   About "Honesty, Tolerance, Innovation, Service"

   We believe that honesty is the foundation of all cooperation, tolerance is the premise of solving problems, innovation is the weapon of development, and service is the foundation of creating value.

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